Design affects the quality of life.
Living and working in a well designed environment, that is pleasing to the senses and stimulating to the mind, greatly enhances the quality of life.

Alberto Gambedotti
“Our challenge is helping you to achieve a better living experience, designing the space around you to make you feel comfortable with the world you interact with.”

Alberto Gambedotti, GambedottiDesign

We strive to find creative design solutions for interior environments, by optimising and harmonizing the uses of the built environment. We are limited only by our imaginations and our ability to enter those micro worlds for new discoveries.

Andrea Gambedotti
“Our research aims to explore personal solutions, innovation with the taste for discovery and building credible micro-worlds to wander into with the curiosity of a child ... "”

Andrea Gambedotti, GambedottiDesign

GambedottiDesign operates by studying concepts, interior design and product design involving new organic materials and new energy-saving technologies.

Chester Harriott
“GambedottiDesign is not only a design studio, but a kind of lab born to analyze and find situations in which applied creativity can help us live better...”

Chester Harriott, GambedottiDesign